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Weight Loss Tips & Plans

Have you made an independent effort to reduce weight? Have you tried a number of diets and fashion trends that promise rapid weight reduction in the hopes of obtaining results quickly?

If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve undoubtedly tried fasting, meal planning, avoiding sweets and fat, and working out excessively. And you might have even experienced some fleeting success until the weight returns. Ups and downs can spiral out of control, causing weariness, a lack of confidence, and even depression.

Your odds of success are higher when you’re not alone, regardless of whether this is your first try to lose weight or you’ve been riding the weight-loss roller coaster for years, losing weight and then gaining it back. Dr. Vivian Asamoah and her staff provide complete weight-loss support, including assistance with developing a personalized diet and activity plan and the issuance of weight-loss drugs. Contact our office today or book an appointment online to schedule a conversation about how we can help you with your weight.

When Should I Seek a Professional?

Patients who struggle to maintain a healthy weight are advised to enroll in a medical weight loss program with the team at Dr. Vivian Asamoah. Extra weight can shorten your life expectancy by up to 14 years and raise your risk of diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, liver disease, and stroke. So, losing weight is essential if you want to live the healthiest and longest life possible.

The first step in your weight-loss journey while working with our team is a thorough assessment of your health. We will ascertain whether you have underlying medical issues that can hinder your weight reduction and take action to address such issues.

Additionally, we’ll dive into any lifestyle practices that can undermine your efforts and assist you in finding strategies to break them. We also offer continual encouragement and assistance for times when you feel discouraged or trapped, matching your needs and preferred method of encouragement.

The Weight Maintenance Process

Your weight-loss plan is completely tailored to your needs. Your healthcare professional will first assess your daily caloric and exercise needs to assist you to reach a healthy and sustainable weight reduction goal.

You will get the data and services required to support your success, including:

Meal Planning

The primary emphasis of working together with our team is developing a diet that you can stick to for the long term. You'll discover how to eat healthily and learn which items to include and stay away from in your diet.

Exercise Plans

Exercise is crucial for keeping a healthy weight and losing additional weight. Your healthcare professional works with you to create a healthy fitness program for your body that focuses on finding activities you love.


In order to help you keep to your diet, we may prescribe appetite suppressants, which decrease your hunger. Although these drugs work well, they should only be used temporarily to improve your performance.

Get Started Today

To provide our cherished patients with long-lasting and sustainable health benefits, our practice uses cutting-edge testing and integrative treatment approaches. You’ll be relieved to learn that Dr. Asamoah and her group of gastrointestinal experts offer the best care in the Katy, Texas, region if you require treatment for gastroenterology. To find out more or to make an appointment, get in touch with us right now.

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Health