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Abdominal Bloating

Bloating is more common in women and affects 1 in 5 persons. It is a sensation of excessive gas and or distension of the bowel. Frequent bloating is a sign of poor gut health. Causes of bloating may include foods that overly produce gas; sugar malabsorption (lactose, fructose, artificial sweeteners); food sensitivities (including gluten); irritable bowel syndrome; celiac disease; constipation; diverticular disease; bacterial overgrowth; and parasitic infections. Important conditions such as cancers need to be considered also.

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Treating Bloat

Dr. Asamoah’s methodical approach helps patients through education and prevention. The plan may include symptoms and food dairy reviews, as well as the assessment of hormonal, vitamin, and micronutrient levels and function.

In certain cases, endoscopy is performed as part of the investigation to arrive at the root cause.

Please call us at 281-746-9284 or schedule an appointment online if you have symptoms of bloating.

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