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Infrared Sauna Experience in Katy, TX

For centuries, humans all across the world have gone above and beyond to find ways to cleanse and purify the body. From Native Americans’ sweat lodges, to Roman baths, and across the world to Korean’s Jjimjilbang, what makes this an innate driving factor to seek the heat?

Studies show that infrared saunas have several major health benefits: it improves blood circulation, improves peripheral circulation, reduces swelling, it releases dopamine, serotonin and endorphins to help with stress management and relaxation. Heat stimulates at the cellular and molecular level, particularly our little energy producing mitochondria to help us regenerate cells, DNA repair, increase growth factors, and inflammatory mediator production to “mop” up inflammation.

As modern technology advances, we have gone further to create a more effective way to heal and detoxify. Dr Kellogg’s contribution of the infrared lamp allows us to be able to maximize and reap the benefits of heat based detoxification. Infrared waves are more effective at directly heating the human body operating at a lower temperature and even shorter duration with relatively little to no side effects.

With this modern age, we have more NEED to lift away the toxic burden in order for us optimize our bodies’ functional capacity. Increased work stress filling our glasses to the brim, limited hours of the day with no time to exercise, tempted by the world of processed sugars and fast food have created more prevalence where chronic illness thrives.

So…Bring on the heat!

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